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Cheer Up, Santa! by Helen Spencer
RolesMinimum Male roles = 5. Minimum Female roles = 5. Minimum total with doubling = 25. Minimum total without doubling = 35. Chorus.
Run TimeAround 32 minutes. [Estimated!]
MusicThe producer's copy of this script contains suggestions for seven songs. Lazy Bee Scripts does not supply any sheet music with this script.
StyleA one act musical Christmas ensemble play for schools
SynopsisIt's Christmas Eve, and the elves are hurriedly making last minute preparations before Santa sets off on his deliveries. Mrs Claus, however, finds he is thoroughly miserable, and doesn’t feel like bothering this year. The elves need to think of a plan to make Santa change his mind, and time is running out!
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Jungle Rock by Sue Gordon
RolesMinimum Male roles = 0. Minimum Female roles = 0. Minimum total with doubling = 19. Minimum total without doubling = 24. Chorus. A cast of lots of animals, five narrators and three lumberjacks! Whilst some of the characters are nominally male or female (for example, the narrators are referred to as 'she'), gender is not integral to the plot.
Run TimeAround 45 minutes. [Estimated!]
MusicScores for six original songs are supplied with the producer's copy of the script.
StyleSimple musical for children with little required by way of set or props.
SynopsisThe lions, rhinos and monkeys inhabit different parts of the jungle, which is fine because they can't agree on anything. Fine, that is, until the lumberjacks arrive and the jungle starts to get smaller. Can a strange hybrid animal called Eddie save them from themselves?
PricePlease click on the Price Link to find the cost.
ExtrasThe following additional items are available (at extra cost) to go with this script:
** A 'backing track CD' with arrangements of songs from the show
** Soundtrack CD - vocal performances of songs from the show
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