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Bespoke Scripts - Help / Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a script that fulfils a specific purpose, and you can't find it in our catalogue, then, possibly we might be able to write it for you.
The good thing is that you get a script that meets your requirements.  The (possible) downsides are costs and time.  Costs are variable.  A bespoke script will usually be more expensive than an off-the-shelf script.  How expensive depends on how specific it is to you.  (If we think we can also sell copies to other people, we will reduce the price.)

If you want to explore the possibilities (and costs) of a bespoke script, please contact us with the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the script for? (For example: A classroom exercise? A one-act-play competition? Public performances? An office party? A training exercise?)
  • Do you have a specific theme in mind?
  • Are there particular ideas or messages you wish to build into the script?
  • Are their particular characters you wish to include?
  • How many characters do you want? (A specific number, or a range.)
  • Are there any restrictions on the age or gender of the characters?
  • Do you want songs/music as part of the script? (Supplied by us, or "popular songs"?)
  • What is the intended run time?
  • When do you need the script?