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Reading Scripts On-Line Help / Frequently Asked Questions
The Way it is Supposed to Work...

Lazy Bee Scripts offers you the ability to read complete play scripts on-line, free of charge.  (You can read them, but any attempt to copy or print the on-line version is a breach of copyright).  Anywhere you see the title of a script underlined as a link, click on the title and you will be taken to the script page where the script should be displayed.  Each script is displayed in a window within the script page; the buttons below the window allow you to go backwards and forwards through the pages of the script.

Yes, but it's not working!

Normally, when we publish a new script, we check that the on-line version is working.
If a particular script is not displayed, then check that you can read others, and tell us about the one that's not working.
If you can't read any of the scripts, then first of all, check that the web site menus are working.  (If you click on one of the top-level menus at the top of the screen, does a sub-menu appear?)  If the menus don't work, then you probably have JavaScript turned-off in your browser.  You need that for the navigation buttons.
If the menus work but you can't read any scripts, then tell us and we'll investigate, but you will need to tell us what sort of computer you are using and which web browser.

Well yes and no.
Not many publishers give you the ability to read complete scripts on-line, so being able to do so at all on your phone is a bonus.  However, it depends on your phone.  The script window was designed in the days when most people accessed the Internet on desktop computers.  The native resolution of the window is 600 pixels wide.  That's absolutely fine on a tablet and quite comfortable on some phones, but needs a bit of a squint on others.

Can I read the scripts off-line?

No.  The display pages are fetched dynamically from our web server, so you need to be connected to the server to navigate between pages of a script.

Can Lazy Bee Scripts send me a Review Copy by e-mail?

Yes and no.
We can supply downloadable copies of scripts, but these are not review copies. Click here for more details.


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