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Murder Mystery Search
Minimum Number of Roles:
   Male:    Female:
Maximum Number of Roles:
   Male:    Female:
Use at a Party (guests perform & solve):
Performance (audience solve the mystery):
Audience (supposedly) gathered for an event or special occasion:
Costumed event (audience could dress up for the event):
Scripted Dialogue:
Improvised Dialogue:
Interrogation by audience:
Written Evidence:
Other Audience Interaction:
Note of caution: Treat these figures circumspectly:  times for scripted elements are much easier to estimate than times for improvisation or audience interrogation of suspects!
Scripted Elements run-time:
 Min:    Max:
Improvised Elements run-time:
 Min:    Max:
Audience Interrogation run-time:
 Min:    Max:
Minimum Number of Solutions:
Scripted Denouement:
Detective-led Denouement:
Maximum Number of Sets:
No Set or Furniture:
Furniture Only:
Simple backdrops/flats:
Practical door(s) and/or window(s):
Search for Descriptive Words/Phrases
This searches the Murder Mystery description text for the specified words or phrases.
To search for a phrase, put the phrase in inverted commas,
otherwise the search will look for individual words.
Partial Title Search
Seach Murder Mystery titles for the specified words or phrases.
By-line (the author or authors):
Sort in order of:  

The Reset button clears the entire form and restores the "full search engine" mode.

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