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Currently, we have 433 panto scripts, all of which can be read in full on this site.
Click this link to browse through the whole collection, or follow the links below to narrow-down the search.  If you want to jump straight to our best-selling scripts, then we have divided the listing into three categories: Full-Length Pantomimes (with a run time of more than 60 minutes), One-act Pantomimes (from 20 to 60 minutes) and Panto Shorts.  What's more, at the foot of the page you'll find two links to our search engines.
By the way, the scripts are British pantomimes. If you are not British, then pantomime probably means something different to you (and the scripts may be rather unexpected) - check out What is a Pantomime anyway?
Full-Length, Full-Cast Pantomimes
Pantos with large casts (generally flexible, by means of a chorus) and a run-time of more than an hour.
These are intended to be shows suitable for family audiences. (Sometimes, that is a judgement call - some jokes that go down well in one production will not suit a different audience.  Read the scripts and see!)
Full-Length, Small-Cast Pantos
These are shows designed to be produced by small companies.  We've defined this as any panto which can be done by a cast of 15 or fewer and without a requirement for a chorus!  These are all designed as family shows (but again, we recommend that you read them first to see if they will suit your audience).
These shows generally contain a high level of innuendo or other content which may not suit a family audience.
Mid-Length Pantomimes
Shows with run-times of 20 to 75 minutes (so generally the length of a one-act play). Many originally written for schools, but frequently performed by a wide variety of other organisations!

Family Shows
An alternative to pantomime. These shows share some of the characteristics of panto - they are family shows which would fit in a pantomime slot, but could play equally well at other times (as they are not tied to the pantomime season!)
Shows running at less than 20 minutes and not in verse.
Rhyming Pantomimes
These are generally short pantomimes written in rhyming couplets.
Pantomimes by Theme
Other themes are available! These are just some....
Aladdin - see also Tales from the 1001 Nights
Ancient History (Greece, Rome, Egypt...)
Arthurian Romance (a good Knight's entertainment)
Beauty (including Sleeping and with The Beast)
Cats (associated with Whittington, Boots and others)
Hood (Robin, Red Riding, Babes in the Wood...)
Jack and the Beanstalk
Mother Goose
Pirates (Treasure Island, Peter Pan, etc.)
Science Fiction
Snow White
Victoriana (Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Sherlock Holmes...)
The Wild West

Pantomime is a form of variety entertainment and therefore music often forms a part of such shows.
We deal with this in a variety of ways. Usually, the songs are optional, but they vary from suggestions for using popular songs to music written especially for the show. If you are after a particular approach to music, try one of the following...
Pantos with song suggestions
Pantos with some sheet music
Pantomimes with a complete set of sheet music
Pantomimes for which music CDs are available
If you have very specific requirements then there's our pantomime search engine
or to narrow down to just a few pantos, use the Find A Few search engine.

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