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Drama Script Appraisal Service
The author submits a script and pays an appraisal fee.  We pass the script to an independent reader.  The reader reviews and proof-reads the script and responds (within 14 days) with:-
  • A critique of the script, covering points of style, content and suitability for the chosen market
  • A marked-up copy of the script, highlighting errors
(See full terms and conditions.)
The point of this service is to improve the script (maximising its chance of success in the chosen market):-
  • Second opinion from an experienced practitioner
  • Outside view (from someone who has not been living with the plot and the characters)
    • Does the plot work?
    • Do the characters work?
    • Is production feasible in the chosen medium?
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Proof reading (which improves the clarity of the text)
  • Stage Plays
  • Television Drama
  • Radio Plays
  • Film Scripts (this isn't our particular field of expertise, but we will apply the same critical faculties as we apply to the others!)
Is this limited to scripts intended for publication by Lazy Bee Scripts?
This is an independent service. We are happy to receive scripts for review where the author has no intention of using our publishing services.
(See our Publishing pages for more information about the sort of things we publish.)
Yes and no!
The "No" answer is that there is no direct link. Use of this service does not guarantee publication (by anyone!)
However, the point of this service is to help the author to improve the script - the better the script, the more chance it has of being accepted (by anyone!)
(You also get a faster response than you get from our normal publication submission process.)
How Much Does it Cost?
The cost depends (directly, but via a complex formula) on the number of words in the script.
Enter the word count, and we'll quote a price...
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