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The ABC Of Christmas - Mixed CD - Track Listing

The ABC Of Christmas - Mixed CD by Andrew Yates
#Track DetailsSample
1Christmas Alphabet (backing) (Andrew Yates)
2Spreading Happiness Everywhere (backing) (Andrew Yates)
3Rockin' Robin (backing) (Andrew Yates)
4We Three Kings (backing) (Andrew Yates)
5Oh Christmas Tree (backing) (Andrew Yates)
6Under The Mistletoe (backing) (Andrew Yates)
7Christmas Alphabet - Reprise (backing) (Andrew Yates)
8Christmas Alphabet (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
9Spreading Happiness Everywhere (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
10Rockin' Robin (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
11We Three Kings (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
12Oh Christmas Tree (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
13Under The Mistletoe (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
14Christmas Alphabet - Reprise (melody + backing) (Andrew Yates)
15Christmas Alphabet (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
16Spreading Happiness Everywhere (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
17Rockin' Robin (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)
18We Three Kings (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)
19Oh Christmas Tree (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)
20Under The Mistletoe (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)Play MP3 Excerpt
21Christmas Alphabet - Reprise (vocal demo) (Andrew Yates)
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