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Licence to Make Videos of Amateur Performances

Lockdown Video and Streaming Rights
During the Covid-19 pandemic, most theatres are closed. As an alternative to production, many companies are looking to make lockdown videos (where actors are recorded separately and the results are stitched together by some video editing genius) or to live-stream performances, or to do play reading by video-conference.
Scripts and licences for all those things (including the right to upload videos to the Internet) can be obtained here:-
Scripts, Lockdown Videos and Streaming Rights
Stage Performance Video Rights
This 'shop' is for licences to permit you to make a video of an amateur performance of a stage show.  (so a video made of a stage performance).  This does not give permission to exhibit the video on the Internet.
If you wish to make a video for Internet exhibition or steaming as an alternative to a production during the time when theatres are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, then please see the box above.
If you wish to make a video for any other purpose then contact us first!
For videos of an amateur stage production, you need a licence for each video you make (whether that is an original video of a performance or a copy of that original).  In order to video a performance, you also need a licence to perform the show!
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