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Currently, we have 29 scripts in this category. Below you will find various ways of narrowing down the search for the scripts that will suit you group. Click on the underlined text to see descriptions of the plays. (From there, clicking on a title will take you to the script.)
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Plays sorted by (our estimate of) Run-Time
Less than 10 Minutes
10 to 20 Minutes
21 to 30 Minutes
31 to 45 Minutes
Caution: Run-times are estimates from word-count (plus estimates for songs, where applicable). This will vary enormously due to speaking rate, stage business, songs and dances and the logistics of getting large casts on and off small stages!.
This category is here to identify
plays with a minimum of 25 performers
plays with a chorus (in the sense of "crowd", not necessarily in the sense of "choir") which usually means that the plays can be done by a large group (sometimes multiple classes).

Christmas Plays
Most of the Christmas Plays have some religious element (on the grounds that it's a Christian festival!) although a few remain resolutely secular.
Plays with Religious/Moral Themes
Dramas based on Old Testament Stories
New Testament Stories
"Christian Commentaries" (plays with religious themes, but not based on any specific text)
Other moral plays.
The verse plays include some plays with educational value (some of them in a mix of rhyme and prose), some rhyming drama just for fun

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Other Things
Our eBooks pages include games and puzzles (with fairytale themes) which may be useful for some groups.

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