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'A Little Local Difficulty eBook' by Geoff Bamber

A Little Local Difficulty eBook by Geoff Bamber
A Little Local Difficulty eBook
An hysterical historical novel
by Geoff Bamber
Along with the rest of Czechoslovakia, the small town of Krupka has been over-run by the Third Reich. Not only that, but the town's mayor has disappeared.
What the people need is a well-respected and eminent citizen; well-known, well-liked. They need someone who is honest, hard working and, with an occupying power to deal with, diplomatic.
What they've got is Marek Poljovka, the schoolteacher. Marek has come to realise that his great disadvantage was being available. And possibly expendable - after all, the war isn't going well...
A Little Local difficulty is available in the ePub format (which works on most e-book readers) and as a PDF file (for those e-book readers that can't cope with ePub).

Read the first chapter free as a PDF (followt the taster link below), then buy a copy - it's really funny.
Want to know more? Download the Taster
'A Little Local Difficulty eBook' - Pricing and Buying
A Little Local Difficulty eBook available for download in ePub and PDF formats, £1.00
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