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'Andy's Android' by Richard James

Andy's Android by Richard James
Andy's Android
an audiobook adventure for kids
by Richard James
Actor & playwright, Richard James, is well known to children through his work on such tv series as 'Sir Gadabout', 'My Parents Are Aliens', 'Jinx' and, most notably, as Mr K in 'The Mysti Show'. Now, he narrates his own children's audio adventure, 'Andy's Android'.
Andrew Miles has built a replica android to send to school in his place, but he reckoned without the attentions of Mr Hest who has different plans for Andrew's creation. Plans that include nothing less than world domination!
With a cast of lovable characters and exciting action sequences, 'Andy's Android' will delight and entertain any audience between the ages of nine and twelve.
This version is a 2 CD set. (Andy's Android is also available as an MP3 download.)
Listen to the first chapter free (follow the taster link below - a 25MB MP3 file), then buy a copy!
Want to know more? Download the Taster
'Andy's Android' - Pricing and Buying
Andy's Android audio CD £3.50 (plus postage)
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