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All these scripts are suitable for adults.  (Look at our kids pages if you are after scripts for youngsters.)  "Full-length" means a play might stand alone for an evening's entertainment.  We think that means longer than one hour.
Currently, we have 471 full-length plays, all of which can be read in full on this site.  Click on the underlined text to see descriptions of the plays.  (From there, clicking on a title will take you to the script.)  Click this link to browse through the whole collection.  You can jump straight to our best sellers , or our newly-published plays.  Follow the links below to narrow-down the search, or, at the foot of the page, you'll find two links to our search engines...
60 to 75 Minutes
76 to 90 Minutes
Greater than 90 Minutes
(Caution: Run-times are estimates from word-count.)
Full-Length Drama by Numbers
Plays with all-female casts
Plays with all-male casts
Plays that can be performed by companies of...
1M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
2M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
3M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
4M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
5M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
6M +  1F,  2F,  3F,  4F,  5F,  6F
Plays for more than 6 Males (and any number of females)
Plays for more than 6 Females (and any number of males)
Large cast plays (with a chorus)
Full-Length plays by theme
Other themes are available! These are just a few we've noticed. (This list excludes pantomimes and musicals but may include plays with music.)
Science Fiction
Sherlock Holmes

Full-Length Plays by Genre

Play Script Collections (these are collections of shorter scripts which might be performed together)
Musical Plays Oddly, these are mainly scripts for which we don't provide sheet music! They are generally plays where the author has specified the use of songs (frequently "popular songs") as a counterpoint to the drama, as distinct from a Musical, where a composer has written specific music for the show. (For shows for which we provide music, see the Musicals pages.)
The above category is separate from the Family Shows. This category covers shows (other than pantomimes) that are aimed at family audiences. (Generally humorous, many also have musical elements.)

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