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Publication Charges

Publication Fees
'... Not even for ready money.'
- Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
Does Lazy Bee Scripts charge for publishing scripts?
Lazy Bee Scripts is not a vanity publishing service. We publish scripts which we think will find a market.  (Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong!)
However, we do have an optional Appraisal service for which we charge...
  • The appraisal service is optional. You do not have to pay for an appraisal in order to get your script considered for publication (but you do have to follow the Publication Process).
  • The benefit of the appraisal service to the author is a critical appriasal of the script (which, if appropriate, will suggest ways in which it could be improved). With the normal publishing process, we do not give such thorough feedback.
  • Because the appraisal service is paid for by the author, there is a guaranteed response time (unlike the equivalent part of the publishing process).
Follow this link for more information about the Appraisal Service.

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