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Publishing Process

The Publishing Process
"... he dreamed the dream of all those who publish books, which was to have so much gold in your pockets that you would have to employ two people just to hold your trousers up."
-Terry Pratchett, Maskerade
Publication Process Limited by Covid-19
Lazy Bee Scripts has reopened for new submissions from authors, but for with limitations.
Please read this carefully and do not try to submit a work that fails any of the criteria:
  1. We will not look at musicals.
  2. We will not look at shows with songs.
  3. We will not look at scripts with more than 10,000 words.  (From "Scene 1" to "Final Curtain".)
  4. We will not look at scripts that require multiple sets.  In this sense, I mean sets, not settings.  It is possible to have a single set where different location are formed in the mind of the audience by lighting or other theatrical techniques.
  5. We will not look at scripts that require a cast of more than 10 actors.
If your work satisfies all of the above, please follow the eight-step submission process below (starting at step 1).

The Appraisal process will remain open, so even if it doesn't meet the criteria above, you can still pay to have your script critiqued.  However, even if it fills the appraiser with joy, we will not consider it for publication until the pandemic is over.
As soon as we are clear of the pandemic, this message will disappear and we will be back to accepting queries for the full range new scripts.
Why this process?
We are dealing with hundreds of authors.
We need to keep track of our dealings with all of them.
Without a process, we would lose track.
  1. Please fill in one of the flavours of our query form
  2. We'll respond by eMail (with terms and conditions if we like the idea, with a polite refusal if we don't)
  3. You submit the script (normally attached to an e-mail), formatted according to the Lazy Bee Scripts guidelines for plays or the Lazy Bee Scripts guidelines for Interactive Murder Mysteries, as appropriate.
  4. We read the submission and either reject it or accept it for publication. If accepted, then
  5. The writer may be asked to submit a revised or corrected text (including corrections to rhyme) and any original music in one of the accepted formats
  6. We proof read and correct the text (and, score, where applicable), edit and format according to the house style.
  7. If the editing makes significant changes, then we will return the script to the author for checking
  8. When all parties are satisfied, we will publish on the Internet and on paper, publicise the publication, then settle back and wait for the orders to roll in. (Sometimes it is a long wait.)

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