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Bees and Bears Embroidered Clothing

Custom-Embroidered Clothes from Bear Business Services available through Lazy Bee Scripts

Our Standard Fonts

We have chosen the following type faces because we know that they work for embroidery.
(Some fonts that are standard on computers don't work so well when embroidered because of density of stitching.)
Consequently, we do not make a set-up charge for text in these fonts, just the embroidery fee per use.
If you want text embroidered in one of these fonts, then just tell us which font you want.
Block 2
Book Script
Legal Block
Old English
Script 2
Serif 2
Times Roman

If you want a slogan stitched in one of those fonts then please tell us your requirements.
If None of the above fonts suit you, and you want to use your own specific font, then please see
how to supply text in your own font.