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Text in Your Own Font

What to do if you want to use a font that is not part of our standard range.

Our standard fonts have been chosen because we know we can stitch them without problems.
Some people have good reasons for using other fonts
(usually for consistency of organisation branding)
If that's the case. then we will treat your text as if it were a logo. 
You need to take the following steps:-
1.  Create your text in a wordprocessor, graphics package or presentation system
(make sure you have it laid-out the way you want it to look)
2.   Save it in one of the following graphical formats: jpg, pdf, gif, tiff, svg, cgm, cgr
(Word 2007 can save in PDF format, Powerpoint can save as jpg)
3.  Go to this page to upload the file  and tell us about the rest of your requirements. 
(After that we will treat it as a logo.)
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