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With one-act-plays, plays for schools and children's theatre groups and panto scripts all on line.

Pick a pantomime script or a play script from the shelf - you get to browse the script before you choose whether to buy it or not. (Like a bookstore, you can't take away the script unless you buy it, but you can sit in a quiet corner and read.)

What's New? will tell you about our recently published plays, pantomimes, murder mysteries and more, or check out What's Hot for our best-selling scripts in each category.

Scripts for Pantomimes

Our Pantomime Scripts page provides links to the full list of pantos plus lots of ways of finding the script that's right for your group.
Our pantomime catalogue contains all the usual favourites (Aladdin, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mother Goose, Sleeping Beauty, Puss-in-Boots...) plus a smattering of less common titles (The Man in the Moon, The Swan Princess, Sinbad...)
If you are looking for something specific, then you click here for our Pantomime Search facility (search by number of characters, run-time, etc.)
If you want to browse a simpler list, then we have divided the pantomimes into:-
Full-length, full-cast pantomimes (which usually means there is a chorus supporting the principal characters and run times typically 90 minutes or more)
Full-length, small-cast pantos (without a chorus)
Mid-sized pantomime scripts, usually (but not always!) performed by schools and youth theatres
Short, rhyming pantomimes (including Richard Coleman's "Short Pants" series)
In case you're averse to verse we also have Short, non-rhyming pantomimes
There's also a category of things that are not pantomimes, but fit into the same theatrical slot of Family Entertainment.

There's also an explanation of the British form of pantomime.  (British panto is very different from the rest of the European pantomime tradition). For the really pedantic, there is even a justification of the use of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves " instead of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"!

Drama for Schools and Youth Theatre

These are scripts used as school plays or by youth drama groups or other kids' organisations.  They vary from short, small-cast dramas to longer pieces for large cast productions (and covering everywhere in between). From our Youth Theatre Scripts page, you can filter in various ways to get to lists of scripts which might suit your group. The listings give overviews, including length, style and number of characters. From there, you can then click on the name of a play to read the complete script online.
Because there are so many scripts, we have provided a facility to Search for Youth Drama.
We have also grouped scripts by minimum age (but treat this very cautiously - maturity levels vary enormously):-
Starting at 5 years / Starting at 9 years< / Starting at 13 years. (Particularly for older children, it may also be worth looking outside the school drama category.) There's also a subset of plays for primary schools (i.e. suitable for the whole range of ages) that means elementary school plays in the USA.

We supply full musical scores with some of our scripts.  These include full-blown musicals, musical plays/pantomimes and plays with the occasional song.  The "scripts for musicals" page will give you an overview.  (That page is split into "Musicals" where the music is integral to the piece and "Plays with Music" where the suggested music is optional.)  From there you can drill down into script listings, and, as usual, from the listings, clicking on a script name will take you to the on-line version of the text.
With some of the scripts we supply a CD as an optional extra. (The CDs will be offered to you when you look up the price of a script! You can also find the music CDs here.)


The sketches, skits and ten-minute plays section includes pieces with run times ranging from one minute to twenty minutes and a vast range of styles - from somewhere near stand-up comedy via parody to philosophy!
The main sketches page offers various ways of listing the sketches (including numbers of characters - particularly useful if you want a monologue).  If you don't want to browse through the whole list, then try our sketch and short play search facility.

Scripts for One-Act Plays

One act plays are beloved of AmDram societies and competitions.  The main  one-act plays page has various ways of leading you to appropriate listings, where clicking on a play title will take you to the full text.
The shows here vary in length enormously.  The rule of thumb is that they will fill up to half an evening's entertainment! (That gives a run-time of anything between 20 and 75 minutes!)
The variety here is immense. There is even a selection of one-act Shakespeare plays. (There! You didn't even realise there were any!)
If you have specific requirements (for example a limit to the number of characters), try using our one-act play search engine.

The full-length play scripts page gives you ways of drilling down to the listings where you can find an overview of each play, including length and numbers of characters. Clicking on a play title in the listings will take you to a page where you can read the complete script.
The full-length plays are generally in two acts, and long enough to fill an evening's entertainment in their own right. There is a wide variety of lengths (as you can see from the fact that some scripts appear in both the full-length and one-act categories) and a wide variety of styles, including melodrama, period drama and a range of comic forms including farce.

Murder Mysteries

This category is for whodunnits where the audience participates in some way.  (So if you are looking for a murder mystery play with no audience involvement (other than tumultuous applause), then look under one-act plays or full-length plays.)  Here, participation usually means that the audience turns sleuth and has to solve the mystery.  Sometimes (but not always) that involves interrogating the cast.  Sometimes (but not always) the audience gets written clues.  The cast may have a full script or may need to improvise in large or small measure.  Murder Mysteries are frequently performed as dinner theatre events.  As you can see, there's a wide variety.  Find something to meet your needs with our Murder Mystery search facility.

Bespoke play scripts

Lazy Bee Scripts can also provide you with a customised script. Click here for the bespoke scripts service. (You'll need to tell us what you want, and we'll have to tell you how much it will cost!)


In addition to the scripts, we have theatre-related merchandise, including
Theatrical Greeting Cards, Pantomime Fun-Packs and Spoof Advertisements for your show programme, The DAFTA Awards (certificates to celebrate contributions to your show) and Music CDs to accompany some of the scripts.
You can also purchase Video Rights (licences to video your performance)
There are also eBooks (a category encompassing all manner of downloadable texts other than drama scripts or murder mysteries) and Audio Books, which means audio recordings other than music.

What, you might well ask, has embroidery got to do with theatre?
Well, nothing, except that lots of people get sets of Polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies or Fleeces for their productions.
You can get them here.
(And we even have pre-prepared logos to match some of our popular titles!)
We've even had the Lazy Bee Scripts logo embroidered...

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